Teachers can create accommodations as required on an individual student basis.

Individual Student Accommodations
  1. Go to Teach → Classes → Students.
  2. Click the student’s name from your class roster in uTheory. This will take you to the student detail page.
  3. Under the student’s profile picture, click “Accommodation.” A window will appear that allows you to adjust time and accuracy requirements. You can increase the time allowed on speed-related questions by clicking the up arrow or typing a number in the box, and adjust the accuracy in the same way.
image of student accommodation options
Student Accommodation Options

Note that if a student requiring accommodations is enrolled in multiple classes on uTheory, you’ll need to set the accommodations for each class. Tests that are linked to a class will automatically include accommodation settings for students from the class. A notification will also appear on checkpoints for students with the accommodation details.

Checkpoint notifications of accommodations - student view
Checkpoint notifications of accommodations - student view