1. Go to uTheory Teach Classes.

2.  Select the green plus button to create a new class.

Image of round green button with plus sign, used to create a new class in uTheory
Create a new class in uTheory

3.  Choose Use a Clever Class for the class type.

Buttons with types of classes: uTheory Class, Clever Class, and Google Classroom Class
Use Clever to create a new uTheory class

4.  Select your Clever class from the drop down list at the bottom of the window. Select Create Connected uTheory Class.

5.  Go to the Clever Library and add uTheory to your Clever Class, and you're all set.


uTheory will retrieve student names from Clever and create student accounts. The class roster, accessible from the Students button, will display a student's first name and last initial. If you'd rather see full names, students can update their name from the uTheory dashboard by clicking Edit Account and then entering their full last name:

Rosters synchronize automatically when a teacher logs in to uTheory. Teachers can also click the sync button to re-sync after signing in. Students' grades update in real time.

Student Sign In

Students have two ways to sign in to uTheory:

Image of uTheory sign in screen, with buttons to sign in with Google, Clever, and Facebook
Signing in with Clever

Now that you've created a class, you're ready to customize the class settings!