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Music Theory Jumpstart with uTheory and Oberlin Conservatory

Do you have students who could use a jumpstart for college or AP Theory? uTheory and Oberlin Conservatory are partnering this summer to offer Music Theory Jumpstart online from June 2 through July 29. Students will work with conservatory faculty and use uTheory to prepare for college-level music theory. Learn more about OC Global here.

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Notes From The Staff Episodes

Dalcroze Solfege Games - uTheory's creator, Dr. Greg Ristow, shares some favorite games for teaching solfege drawn from the Dalcroze approach to music education.

Funding Your Program - Leah Sheldon, uTheory's head of teacher engagement, shares tips for going beyond bake sales to build a sustainable fundraising model that can support a vibrant music program.

Hexachordal Solfege and Theory Pedagogy Trends - Dr. Megan Kaes Long of Oberlin Conservatory talks about the earliest system of Western solfege, hexachordal solmization, and recent trends in music theory pedagogy.

Power of Play - Jed Dearybury, author of The Playful Classroom and The Power of Play for All Ages talks about how bringing play into classrooms--no matter the age or level--leads to deeper, more engaged and more joyful learning.

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