More resources, another podcast episode, and a chance to share your uTheory teaching success stories - read on for the latest on what we've been up to this month at uTheory!

Notes From The Staff

Check out our newest podcast episode! Rhythm Counting Systems: what they are, how we use them, and why might we choose one over another. We break down the plethora of approaches (including 1-e-&-a, Takadimi, Gordon, Kodály, and Orff) into groups, and share tips from our own experience teaching these from preschool to college.

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Counting Systems

Speaking of rhythm counting systems, we've added printable guides for these counting systems:

Be sure to check back often for new materials that align with lessons and content in uTheory. And if you're looking for a specific resource, please write to us with your request!

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End of Year Budgeting

uTheory group licenses can begin on any date of your choosing. So if you've got funding to use before the end of the school year, consider purchasing a group license now for next school year!

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uTheory in Your Classroom

We love to hear from our teachers! Send an email to to tell us about teaching with uTheory and share your student success stories.

Create Custom Tests

uTheory lets teachers create customized tests and quizzes at the click of a button. You'll get detailed assessment data on every student, and best of all, there's no question writing or grading on your part – uTheory does it for you!

How to Create a uTheory Test Video Tutorial

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